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Established in 1976, TAIWAY is one of the leading manufacturers of switches

electrical switches brands
in Taiwan. For our excellent quality control, environmental management and competitive prices, our products have a good reputation both at home and abroad. Being an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IECQ QC080000 and EMC/EMI certified manufacturer, our products are in compliance with national and international safety standards and regulations.

TAIWAY serves demands from various industries including telecommunications, medical equipment, computer peripherals and networking equipment, instrumentation and hand-held electronic devices. 

TAIWAY is also specialized in custom configurations, our R&D engineers are all well-trained and have many years of experience in this field ready to provide design proposals to fit your various needs.

To be an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, TAIWAY conducts 100% in-process inspection and reliability test before products are delivered to customer. 

TAIWAY bears in mind that customer's satisfaction is always the first priority to us, we hope "TAIWAY" branded products will be the meaning of QUALITY and SAFETY. With our diverse product range, you can reach a total solution for your end application, that is - "one place for all your switch needs!"

TAIWAY Electronics is a professional and experienced Switch Manufacturer. Our products include: Electronic Supply, Switch Supply and more.