TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:  Emergency stop switches, Indicator, Industrial computer, Cable modem, Router, Server, UPS, PC, NB, Mobile phone, Digital Camera...


Piezo and Magnetic types in External or Internal Circuitry. Lead structures available in SMD, Vertical Mount and Pin

Series 900 Snap-in Front Mount

100mA Logic Level with 1A max. carrying current, available in Decimal, BCD and Repeating function codes

Series R22 Panel Mount

With a wide choice of styles for in-line, PCB mounting and panel mounting (screw or snap fit) with terminal options for solder, tabs or PC through-hole

Series DM Miniature/Subminiature

Miniature, Sub-Miniature and Ultra Low Profile. Snap-acting with various types of actuator. Some models available in IP67 sealing

Series R19 Power Rocker

5A-16A Power Level, from SPST to DPDT, Snap-in Mount, PCB through-hole with non-illuminated and illuminated actuator options

Series 600 Miniature PCB Slide

2A Power Level & 0.1A Logic Level, a variety of options for button and terminal spacing

Series 600A Ultraminiature Low Power Slide

0.5A Logic Level, available in through-hole and right angle terminal types

Series LP-LS Illuminate Momentary/Alternate pushbutton

Logic Level, PCB Mount with latching and non-latching models

Series R18 Momentary/Alternate pushbutton

Power Level, Snap-in and Bushing Mount with Square, Round and Hexagonal cap options

Series WP Momentary/Interlocking pushbutton

1A-7A Power and 200mA-0.5A Logic Level, available in Momentary, Latching and Interlocking functions. A variety of options for actuator knob

Series T24 NO Contact

Contact Closes when temperature rises to set point (Normally Open)

Series T24 NC Contact

Contact Opens when temperature rises to set point (Normally Closed)