TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:  Emergency stop switches, Indicator, Industrial computer, Cable modem, Router, Server, UPS, PC, NB, Mobile phone, Digital Camera...

Series 700 Miniature IP65 Emergency Stop/Pull-Push

Miniature with SPDT and DPDT, anodized knob in various color options

Series 700H Miniature IP67 Emergency Stop/Pull-Push

Miniature with SPDT and DPDT, anodized knob in various color options, IP67 Process Sealed for harsh environments

Series 180 Industrial IP65/IP67 pushbutton

Power Level, Bushing Mount. Non-illuminated and illuminated Square, Round and Rectangular Cap Options. IP40 / 65 / IP67 front panel protection and UL approvals

Series L7C Power Toggle

12A Power Level, available in SPST and SPDT with 17 or 50mm long actuator. A variety of options for terminal. UL approval

Series WP Momentary/Interlocking pushbutton

1A-7A Power and 200mA-0.5A Logic Level, available in Momentary, Latching and Interlocking functions. A variety of options for actuator knob


Piezo and Magnetic types in External or Internal Circuitry. Lead structures available in SMD, Vertical Mount and Pin

Series KLS Momentary/Alternate

Mechanical and Electrical with lock and momentary types

Series DM Miniature/Subminiature

Miniature, Sub-Miniature and Ultra Low Profile. Snap-acting with various types of actuator. Some models available in IP67 sealing

Series TPS SMD

Logic Level, side-actuated with low actuation force. Reel taping package suitable for Pick and Place machine

Series R22 Panel Mount

With a wide choice of styles for in-line, PCB mounting and panel mounting (screw or snap fit) with terminal options for solder, tabs or PC through-hole

Series 900 Snap-in Front Mount

100mA Logic Level with 1A max. carrying current, available in Decimal, BCD and Repeating function codes

Series LP-LP13M Illuminated SMD

50mA Logic Level, PCB surface mount with a variety of options for cap style