UL / CUL / CSA / CE / IP Sealing

Product safety and reliability is our first priority, "quality is never a compromise" as annotated by TAIWAY founder Y.C Yen. 

During product development, TAIWAY R&D team does best to ensure that the product complies with specific standards for safety, quality, sustainability and performance. Products will be undergone a series of reliability tests performed by our well-trained QA personnel and independent product safety certification bodies before put on the market. 

TAIWAY offers product lines with following certifications:

UL / CUL Listings

 CSA Listings 

 CE Certifications

Anti-vandal Pushbutton  

Anti-vandal Indicator 

Industrial Pushbutton 

Capacitative Touch 

 IP Sealing Certifications

Anti-vandal M12 Pushbutton 

Anti-vandal M16 Pushbutton 

Anti-vandal M19 Pushbutton  

Anti-vandal M22 Pushbutton 

Anti-vandal M28 Pushbutton 

Anti-vandal AV04 Pushbutton 

Anti-vandal AVx5 Pushbutton 

Anti-vandal Indicator  

Industrial Pushbutton 

Capacitative Touch 

Miniature Switches (toggle, rocker, pushbutton)  

Sub-miniature Switches (toggle, rocker, pushbutton) 

High Performance Toggle Switch

High Performance Pushbutton Switch