TAIWAY Electronics is a professional and experienced Switch Manufacturer. Our products include: Machine Switch, Machinery Switches and more.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:  Agricultural machinery, Forestry machines, Harvesters, Front loaders, Sprayers, Feed mixer, Forklift truck…

Series KLS Momentary/Alternate

Mechanical and Electrical with lock and momentary types

Series AVx5 IP65 Anti-Vandal Pushbutton

Momentary and Latching action switch available in single and double pole

Series 100 Miniature Toggle

Power level and low circuit with multi-pole and multi-position, a variety of actuators and termination options

Series 700L Miniature Alternate Acting Pushbutton

6A Power Level & 0.4VA Logic Level, from SPDT to 4PDT, a variety of options for bushing and terminal. UL and CUL approvals

Series 180 Industrial IP65 pushbutton

SPST and DPST power Level, Bushing Mount. Non-illuminated and illuminated Square, Round and Rectangular Cap Options. IP65 (180A only) and UL approvals

Series AV04 IP67 Anti-Vandal Pushbutton

100mA 24VDC / 2A 125VAC with latching and momentary functions, solder lug

Series AV Momentary/Alternate Anti-vandal

A variant added to TAIWAY's most popular Anti-Vandal series

Series AV IP65 Emergency Stop/Pull-Push

Up to 3NO3NC structure, available in 19mm / 22mm mounting size with anodized knob

Series 700H Miniature Alternate Acting IP67 Pushbutton

Professional ON-ON pushbutton switch available in SPDT and DPDT with different switch functions, 15/32 THD bushing and Dia. 8.00mm actuator

Series MR Marine IP67 Rocker

IP67 front panel protection, Power Level, available from SPST to DPDT with a variety of options for actuator and actuator symbol. UL approval

Series 180 Industrial IP40/IP65 Key / Selector

Power Level, Bushing Mount. Non-illuminated Square, Round and Rectangular bezel Options. IP40 / 65 front panel protection and UL approvals

Series FS Foot Pushbutton

4A 125VAC or 12VDC, highly performance with endurable design. Terminal available in solder lug and PC through-hole